WayForward talks success on eShop, more Shantae confirmed, Bloodrayne Wii U talk

A portion of a Nintendojo interview with WayForward's Voldi Way...

Nintendojo: First of all, thank you so much for joining us. Generally speaking, WayForward has always been there delivering exceptional content, doing good licensed games and taking advantage of digital distribution, which you guys have done exceptionally well.

Voldi Way: Yeah, we love it, we’re thrilled, like, any chance we get, you know, because, um– I’ve heard people are down on the eShop and stuff, and I don’t get it, unless they just– I don’t know. We love it. Like, honestly I wish we could do more, it’s just we keep getting busy doing work-for-hire projects, and so, like, we have a whole list of things we want to do, um, and the only thing holding us back actually is just time. You know how, like, your personal projects take a back seat for the ones you’re getting paid, and uh, our original stuff still only accounts for, like, 7% of our total revenue, so like 93% is what pays the bills. (laughs)

But yeah, we love it. If we had our way, we’d come out with a new eShop game every month.

ND: Even that 7% of your revenue, that’s still making money from the service?

Voldi: Oh yeah, yeah, and as far as the efforts go, they’re all very profitable, so it’s not like just a labor of love or anything. I mean, it is because we like doing it, but it’s also profitable, so we can totally justify doing it, it’s just, you know, other projects come on and then– I don’t know. I really– I wish I had a good answer for why we don’t do more. (laughs)

ND: Speaking of Shantae, is there anything coming down the pipeline that you can talk about?

Voldi: Um, I mean, I wish I could say something specific, but we are working on it. Like I would expect to see it on, you know, Wii U, uh, it’s just, I don’t want to commit to a time because it always gets– even though we have been working on it, you know, like I said it gets pushed to the back burner, so um, originally we were hoping to have something for launch, but that’s clearly not going to happen. But yeah, Shantae is definitely in the works, and the last one, Risky’s Revenge, kind of left off on, like, a down note, so we have to address that, right? So yeah, definitely more Shantae, for sure.

ND: Now regarding something like BloodRayne, do you know what the possibility is of bringing that to Wii U?

Voldi: Um, well, tech-wise, totally, we’re all set, so I guess that’s up to them. You know what? You should bug them about it, and we’ll bug them, you know, because I don’t know why that one didn’t come up. I mean, they talked about putting it on Steam and stuff like that, but now that you mention it, they haven’t mentioned Wii U yet, and it should be on it.

Full interview here


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