RUMOR - Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 heading to the eShop

This information comes from a GBATemp poster...

Well I was running my weekly scan of Nintendo's CDN (the server where Nintendo hosts eShop Titles), and the EUR version of Mario Kart 7's title ID was added, sometime between now and last thursday.

You might call me wrong, but if you look at the TMD, it says the title has a manual and DLP Child, just like Mario Kart 7. And the NCCH files on CDN are very close to the size of the NCCH files from the EUR version of the ROM:

Executable NCCH: CDN/ROM = 609/611mb
Manual NCCH: CDN/ROM = 2.69/2.52mb
Dlp Child Container NCCH: CDN/ROM = 26.5/26.5mb

Turns out the same kind of listing is also available for Super Mario 3D Land. Looks like the eShop might start hosting older 3DS retail games as well! Thanks to Johnny4 for the heads up!



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