Fantasy Life - more job details, gameplay mechanics

- choose a hairstyle, eyes, nose, mouth, and more
- first mission as a miner to find your mentor, Deldas
- visit the main map with Deldas and start looking for gems
- field has monsters like bees and angry carrots
- miner is armed with a sword
- to extract gems, you have to pull out your pickaxe
- hit A while standing next to a rock
- when the rock’s life bar is empty, it shatters and turns into a gemstone
- walk on top of to collect
- press the Y button to do a heavy strike
- this is a rhythm based move
- tap Y again on queue to hit the rock otherwise you miss
- heavy strikes take more SP while weak attacks only take a little SP
- energy meter recharges over time
- you can still use the weak mining strike even if the meter is empty
- fisherman job has players "battle" with fish
- toss your lure in water by pressing A
- when a fish bites it you have to press A to lure it in until the fish’s HP is zero
- watch the line tension strength by using the slide pad

Categories: Portables
Tags: 3ds, level-5


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