Rayman Legends - Nintendo Power info round-up

General/gameplay details

- Ubisoft really wanted to make Rayman Legends because of the GamePad
- Ubisoft Montpellier was one of the first third-party studios to receive Wii U dev. kits
- Michel Ancel says that the environment is very important in a platforming game, and the GamePad allows players to change the environment in new/different ways
- Up to four players lead Rayman and company through level level with Wiimotes or Wii U Pro controllers
- Fifth player manipulates surroundings with Murfy on the GamePad
- Murfy can cut ropes, lower platforms, turn gears
- Turn gears with the gyroscope
- Murfy can be mischievous as well
- It’s possible to take a health bottle from someone who’s about to take it and give it to another player
- Murfy can use the environment to wreak havoc on other players
- Ex: take lava and dump it on someone’s head
- The team wants the GamePad player “to feel like they have an identity in the game’s world”
- In single-player, you’ll mostly control Rayman or one of the other playable characters
- Temporarily switch to Murfy when you reach certain sections
- In these cases, AI will take over the other character
- Developers promise that the AI will perform flawlessly
- No mosquito levels
- New character in each world
- Barbara is from the medieval world

Improvements made to the Origins formula

- Platforming mechanics improved over Origins
- Ex: in Origins, if you jump-kicked while running you would basically stop in midair and drop down; now you keep moving forward
- Different structure this time around as well
- Travel to any of the five worlds out of the gate
- This choice was made so that players could have options, especially if they get stuck on a level
- Ubisoft considers each world to be its own legend
- Each has its own mini story and personality
- Each world also focuses on a particular gameplay mechanic and highlights particular skills
- Abilities are all available right off the bat

Olympus world

- Nintendo Power saw an Olympus world
- Level called “Swarmed & Dangerous”
- Tons of ferocious shadow creatures chase Rayman and the others throughout the level
- Murfy can hold back a few creatures at a time
- Only works for a bit before too many of the creatures appear
- Usually need to lose a swarm by using its own momentum against it
- Ex: drop off a cliff and quickly come to a stop on the narrow ledge below
- Creatures will keep going and run into the lava
- Can kill the creatures by triggering fireworks
- Level comes to a close as the creatures chase you into a palace
- Need to jump over a little purple minion who is scrubbing the floor
- Legends has a lot of humorous touches like the above
- In the game, you’ll come across a big brute with a hammer and shield to make him drop his guard
- Murfy can tickle his armpit to drop his guard
- Another Olympus world level: Murfy holds a magic shield over the heads of the other characters to protect them from Zeus’ lightning bolts

Magic Beanstalk world

- Nintendo Power also saw Magic Beanstalk’s “Orchestral Chaos”
- Stage has players jumping, swinging, and punching to the beat of the music
- These stages have the nickname “Platform Hero” within the studio
- Traverse a giant beanstalk in the level
- Thorn-covered vines will close in around you
- Drop below the clouds in the middle of the level and into a violent storm
- Rain pours around you, with some lightning strikes
- 8-10 music stages in the final game
- At least one per world
- Some feature original tracks made by composer Christophe Heral (Rayman Origins, Beyond Good & Evil)
- Also features remixed music like “Eye of the Tiger” in flamenco style with gibberish vocals and a little kazoo mixed in
- “Wo Hoo” from The′s

Underwater world

- Exclusive sneak peak showed to Nintendo Power
- Jules Verne-inspired environment
- Story will be more James Bond
- Secret underwater base
- Need to infiltrate it
- Levels play with light and shadow
- Need to remain cloaked or risk being spotted (and fried) by the base’s security system
- In one room, players have to avoid a sentry’s spotlight
- Another room: swim between glowing jellyfish
- Murfy will need to manipulate light sources or create shadows in some levels
- Ex: hold a discarded robot head in front of a rotating floodlight
- Rhythm of these levels will be somewhat different from Origins
- Not just a matter of running full steam ahead
- Some sections will have lots of traps and electrified water
- Will have to platform over mechanical objects, climb into an air vent, and navigate through a dark room
- The team didn’t just want to make an underwater world with just new fishes

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