Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth - more details, magazine pics

- Lugia and Ho-Oh are major Pokémon within the narrative
- Kyurem also places an important role
- the main hub area in the game is known as the Pokémon Paradise
- this features a variety of new Pokémon who provide many amenities and items
- V-Roulette, run by Victini, will get you higher ranked Pokémon through the V-Wave
- forget and/or remember various moves
- Azumarill runs the noticeboard where all the missions are given
- build up Pokémon Paradise to your own specifications as you go on
- this includes setting up stores with various Pokémon
- with Pansage, you have the ability to grow various berries to aid you on your quest
- Quagsire is used to check upon the status of the Pokémon you have befriended
- he can also set you up to have them join you in the next dungeon
- Beartic provides you with a small mini-game to play where you need to shoot discs across some ice to get it in a hole

Thanks to Serebii for the heads up!
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