GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - What are your most played games on 3DS?

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Tonight was one of those random End of Day thoughts. I usually have an idea for what I'll be writing as the day goes on, but this idea hit me out of nowhere. I owe it all to my Mom! You'll see why below. See you in a few, short hours!

My parents swing by my place every week on Thursday. They don't live far away at all, so making the trip is no big deal. Believe it or not, I actually get along really well with my parents! We always have a great time just hanging out and catching up on what's going on. Of course, there's always a discussion of gaming as well.

The gaming talk goes on between my Mom and I. While my Dad has played a few games in his time, he's not exactly a gamer. He will pick up Brain Age on a rare occasion, jump in on some multiplayer party games as well, but that's about it. My Mom has been playing video games with me since I first got my NES. She wasn't just humoring me. She's actually a big gamer.

As she usually does, she brought her 3DS along for the trip. She likes to get the scoop on what new games are on the eShop and what's worth purchasing. I also let her borrow some of my games that I think she'll like. With all that talk and her own snooping about, she's played quite a few 3DS games. I thought I'd be nosy and check out just what her most played games are.

Look at those numbers! My Mom is REALLY packing away the 3DS playtime. Sure, a card game collection might get top billing, but she's put up some big times for other games you and I are much more familiar with. I knew she played games to relax after work, but I didn't know she put in so much time! Hell, she might be more of a hardcore gamer than me!

So...those are my Mom's numbers. I thought I'd post those up and see how you guys and gals measure up! You can either link us into a screenshot (just upload a pic to imgur), or tell us the numbers via text. Let's hear what games you've really poured some hours into!
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