GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - An in-depth discussion with a non-gamer on Wii U's 1st commercial

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Still so many friends and family without power, but at least we're all safe. My parents have been living at our place all week, with friends dropping by for a night or two. Sad to have this happening, but very nice to have friends/family around all the time. I hope you guys are safe and sound as well. See you in a few, short hours!

We've all seen Nintendo's first Wii U commercial in North America. We were given a tease for it yesterday, but today we got to see the entire commercial. Being the Nintendo fans that we are, we analyzed the spot to see what it did/did not show. We also are all mulling over just how good of a job the commercial does at selling Wii U.

The thing is, we're all Nintendo fans! We've known about the Wii u for months and months. We've known about multiple features and how the system works, so we're looking at this commercial in a completely different way than your average TV viewer. Some of those viewers know about gaming, others don't have any interest at all. What are those people going to think about the spot?

I thought I'd pose that question to my father. While my Dad has played a handful of games in his years, he's definitely not a gamer at all. He falls into the non-gaming or expanded audience that Nintendo is constantly reaching out to. Outside of the Wii U name itself, my Dad really didn't know anything about the system. I figured he was the perfect test subject to show this commercial to.

Believe it or not, I got nearly a half-hour discussion with my Dad about the commercial. I think he gives a really unique bit of insight into what the expanded audience sees when Nintendo tries to reach out to them. We cover a great number of topics, all related to the minute-long TV spot.

As I said, this video is nearly a half hour. That's why I had to use the Playwire player. On top of that, my Dad has always had an...interesting way of thinking. I promise you, some of the things he says will be tough to wrap your head around. I've known the guy for 30 years and he still stumps me sometimes! If you have a spare half-hour, check out the video and get a good look at the inner-workings of a non-gamer...and a very different thinker!

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