Shin'en explains why Nano Assualt Neo is 720p instead of 1080p

A portion of an NES interview with Shin'en...

NES: Neo’s resolution is 720p. Why is it not 1080p? Beside, we’ve witnessed jaggies and seemingly a lack of anti-aliasing in some other games footage, can you reassure us on the image quality of your title? With its more up-to-date GPU and other factors such as cache amount, the Wii U should be pretty capable in this area.

S: Any modern GPU supports various anti-aliasing modes with the usual Pros and Cons and it’s the case for the Wii U one. Many GPUs have a certain amount of AA even for ‘free’ when rendering. Usage of these modes depends on your rendering style (like forward or deferred) and other implementation details.

Nano Assault Neo is running in 720p yes. We had the game also running in 1080p but the difference was not distinguishable when playing. Therefore we used 720p and put the free GPU cycles into higher resolution post-Fx. This was much more visible. If we had a project with less quick motions we would have gone 1080p instead i guess.

It’s not a problem to make beautiful 1080p games on the Wii U. As on any console or PC such titles need ~200% more fill rate than 720p. You can use this power either for 1080p rendering or for more particles, better post-Fx, better materials, etc.

It should also be not forgotten that many current gen games don’t even run at 720p, but at lower resolutions which are scaled up (not to mention that most also only run at 30fps).

Full interview here
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