Iwata Asks - Wii U browser

- Sasaki put the team together and was in charge of the project
- for the second half of the project, the lead was turned over to Tsuda
- Sasaki then took on the technological aspects
- Sasaki was also in charge of the browser on the 3DS
- development started simultaneously with the 3DS browser
- the goal was to make a browser that could be used every day
- they wanted it to be easy to handle
- they also thought consumers would like the idea of being able to play a game and look something up online quickly
- another goal was to have smooth video playback
- the team wasn't happy with the web browsing on Wii
- Sasaki handled specs while Tsuda worked on tech
- the team originally tried showing two different websites on each screen
- they wanted to make sure the browser was usable without the TV
- they also focused on multitasking
- this lead to all sorts of development issues
- the devs wanted to hide what was on the screen, so they came up with the idea of a curtain
- the other devs weren't too keen on this idea
- they needed a demo before it clicked with them
- this was a technical hurdle to implement in the final version
- the browser also has a tabbed feature
- the amount of memory has a lot to do with how good the browsing experience is
- the dev team wasn't willing to drop Wii U functionality just to make the browser better
- the system is about games first, so the browser would have to work within limitations
- the original finished version of the browser didn't really impress, but 6 months later the version they had was a completely different thing
- HAL was involved in the creation
- the browser also has a smooth frame rate
- the browser runs at almost 60fps
- one of the devs at Kyoto was most excited for the Wii U browser
- he found it really useful and said it left the biggest impression on him
- there was a lot of testing on various websites to see what ones worked well, what didn't and why
- Miyamoto came up with the magnification idea
- the team originally didn't have limits set on the gyrosensor movement for browsing
- they decided things worked better with limits on how much you could move and get a reaction
- the team was proud of using the GamePad for input and the TV for viewing with a crowd
- the testing period needed a minimum of 6 months to get things right
- during peak time, they had over 30 people testing 5,000 websites
- they put their tests against standard browsers to see what was displayed right/wrong
- control pad can be used for focus, L and R sticks for zoom and A button to confirm
- pressing in the L stick will hide the tool bar
- websites can detect the gyro sensor
- sites can be made to use the sticks to zoom in/out n a map
- when websites load, Miis will nod their head
- Miis will also tell you about hidden features
- touch the Mii to open a bookmark

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