GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Nintendo Land: Zelda Battle Quest direct-feed footage

Thanks to Poopaloop for the image!

I'm so, so happy that my capture unit worked. It went pretty flawlessly the entire time! The only issues came up with my own hiccups while learning software. Please enjoy the first of many, many videos to come! See you in a few, short hours.

Awhile back, I promised that I was going to bring GoNintendo up-to-date as far as video quality goes. I wanted to make sure I had the best I could get for the Wii U. That meant a new webcam, camcorder and capture unit. While I don't have a ton of cash, I used what I had to piece together hardware that would get the job done. You guys are worth it! With Nintendo going HD on Wii U, it was time I did as well!

You already know I went HD on the webcam and camcorder. Today I get to show you the direct-feed HD side of the Wii U! I am ridiculously happy with how easy capturing footage was, as well as how great the final product looks. Our debut direct-feed, 1080p footage comes from the Zelda Battle Quest attraction in Nintendo Land.

You'll be checking out the second half of the third quest in Zelda Battle Quest. Why is each clip only 30 seconds? That's part of the guidelines I have to follow, as per Nintendo's request. I hope you enjoy getting a closer look at this attraction!

I've removed some of the clips in order to clear something with Nintendo first. I originally had 8 clips that showed a portion of the quest in sequential order. I want to double check that a sequential video series is okay, as long as each clip is 30 seconds. Until I hear back, please enjoy 3 selections from the planned series.

This Wii U and Nintendo Land were provided by Nintendo for coverage and review purposes.


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