Does the Wii U have a universal screen shot tool?

We know the Wii U lets you take screenshots of games to send over Miiverse, but can you take a screenshot of anything going on on Wii U? Some are saying this Iwata Asks interaction indicates that ability.

Kurisu: I want people to try Miiverse just by itself, and also try posting to Miiverse from games. If you spot a cool scene, you can post a screenshot by pressing the HOME Button. I truly hope people will actively participate in the communities tied to particular games.

Iwata: After you press the HOME Button, you can go from the HOME Button Menu to Miiverse. The game screen that was displayed at the time will be saved as a screenshot that you can post, right?

Kurisu: Yes. There's a spoiler button, too. We've designed it so that people who don't want to see spoilers won't have to.

Iwata: There's also a way to report something that you feel is a spoiler so it should be hidden.

Kurisu: Yeah. I hope people will make use of such features and enjoy aspects of Miiverse that connect to the games.

Does this mean you can use the home button to grab a screen of anything going on on the Wii U? Once the day-one update is available for press, we'll be sure to check this out! Thanks to Dim for the heads up.

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