Paper Mario: Sticker Star devs talk goals, interest in continuing the series

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Kensuke Tanabe...

NL: Given that this is the first portable installment of the Paper Mario series, what, if anything, did the team approach differently compared to the console versions?

Mr Kensuke Tanabe: Personally speaking, I am always thinking of ways in which we could make the best use of the actual hardware, rather than just focusing on whether it is a handheld or a home console. We went for the handheld this time because the visual style of the Paper Mario series is especially well-suited to the 3D effect made possible by the Nintendo 3DS system.

NL: Are there any current plans or ideas in the team for the future of the Paper Mario series, either on 3DS again or perhaps on Wii U? We’re sure fans would love an example or two of concepts under consideration, or even ideas that you’d personally like to see come to fruition.

Mr Kensuke Tanabe: I am personally interested in making a new game in the series. However, I can’t give you any more details than that at this time.

Full interview here
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