The tech behind Wii U's GamePad - info, distance test, tricks to extending range

- tech was co-developed by Nintendo and Broadcom
- uses proprietary software to create a two-way stream of low-latency, high-definition video
- software is designed to mitigate interference and deliver a smooth video signal and communication speeds
- involves Wi-Fi Miracast, which Broadcom first developed last summer
- this is a system that is specifically designed to deal with interference issues while maintaining fast two-way communication
- optimal distance is 8 inches to a bit more than 26 feet from the console,
- setups in rural locations could nearly quadruple that distance
- communication could be impacted by interfering radio frequencies
- internal tests allowed the team to maintain connections between the Wii U and the GamePad at more than 100 feet
- if your setup has a lot of different [Wi-Fi routers] running simultaneously, that can impact range
- repeaters or range extenders could technically work to help the situation, but Nintendo hasn't really talked about that option yet
- tech would even theoretically support extending the GamePad's through wifi, meaning long-distance play
- Broadcom also is responsible for the Wii U's tech for connecting to the internet
- Broadcom expects more NFC usage talk after launch

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