Reggie on NSMBU/Nintendo Land, Miyamoto and local multiplayer, Reggie Asks features

A portion of an MTV interview with Reggie Fils-Aime...

MTV Multiplayer: In terms of the first party games, which do you think a more important title, Nintendo Land or New Super Mario Bros. U?

Fils-Aime: That's like asking me which of my children I love the most. The games do different things. Launching with a Mario game, which is the first time that we have launched with a Mario game in years, means that for the Nintendo fan there's immediately a game to buy, and immediately a game to reconnect with the best of the Nintendo's franchises.

But, Nintendo Land, because of the range of experiences, multiplayer, single player, the different uses of the GamepPad itself, I actually think may be the better tutorial for how to experience everything that the GamePad has to offer. Because it's packed in with the Deluxe SKU it means that immediately as consumers open up that game, they’re going to have something to play.

MTV Multiplayer: As part of that, you mentioned the difference between single player and multiplayer games. A lot the Wii U games at launch have at least a multiplayer element, but have something for single player as well. Do you think that is going to happen more and more? Is the Wii U going to skew towards multiplayer, and is single player going to go away to some degree?

Fils-Aime: I think that there's going to continue to be a range of experiences. The fact of the matter is Mr. Miyamoto, for example, loves multiplayer experiences in the same room. He believes that that connection is critically important in gameplay. So, I would expect to see those types of experiences coming from Nintendo first party development for example.

Certain genres are dominated by single player, or at least single player in the same room, Call of Duty is an example. I'm pleased that we're going to see those types of experiences on the system as well.

MTV Multiplayer: At any point was there an idea of a "Reggie Asks" thrown out?

Fils-Aime: So, we have talked about it, and what I will tell you is that it's important that if we ever do a Reggie Asks that it be on a topic that makes sense. Iwata Asks works because of Mr. Iwata's background as a game developer himself, so he's able to have an informed conversation with other developers, and his own curiosity is what drives that conversation. So, certainly if there's a topic where I have passion and I have curiosity and I have an innate background in, that's probably the topic that will lead to a Reggie Asks.

Full interview here


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