GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - The Wii U launch in NYC was one of the best nights ever

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Time for me to get mushy on you guys once again! Hope you enjoy my love letter. See you in a few, short hours.

I've been running GoNintendo for over 7 years now. That means the site was around in some form when the Wii was just launching. I happened to be in NYC for the launch event, which I still remember fondly. I would update on my laptop using a garbage can as my table. We stayed up from sundown to sunrise, hitting up both Toys R' Us and the Nintendo World Store. We made great memories and had an amazing time. With that said, the Wii U launch in NYC has quickly become one of my favorite site moments, as well as a favorite moment in general.

This time around it was just Mom Brain and I heading into the city to check things out. We had plans on checking out the festivities, chatting with some friends, walking the line and seeing Triforce finally get his Wii U. We did all of those things while at the event, but it was so much better than I could have ever expected. I went in prepared for an amazing night, but I left with life long memories and some of the best experiences I've ever had.

First off, I met a TON of GoNintendo readers. Every corner I turned, someone was calling me out or shouting praise for GoNintendo. It absolutely blew me away. We met up with site friends we've made over the years, but we also got to talk with site readers that we've never seen before. So, so many people had such wonderful things to say. It was such an humbling experience.

I can't thank you enough for that support that you offer. Seeing the site get visitors, the podcast get listeners, the Twitter get followers, the Facebook page get likes and all that stuff...it always shocks me. I'm always truly thankful for all that you send our way. Getting to see that kind of love in person just solidifies those feelings I've had all these years. I've always said that GN readers are the best bunch of people you'll find on the internet. Meeting up with so many of you on Sunday night only proved that more.

If you took pictures with myself or Mom Brain at the event, please send them over our way! We'd love to collect all those and share them in Flickr gallery on the site. If you stopped us to chat about the site or anything at all, thank you SO much for that support. I honestly had one person tell me that my emails, GN coverage and attention to fans helped them in a way that saved their life. To hear that I've done something with that kind of impact is absolutely unbelievable. It only strengthens my dedication to you guys, which never wavers.

I also have to thank all the PR people, NWS staffers and Nintendo employees that stopped to say hello. Again, I was blown away by just how many people stopped to say hello. It was ridiculously tough to not appear starstruck as Nintendo bigwigs popped by to share kind words. It was also fantastic/embarrassing to hear just how many PR people/Nintendo employees like the videos I've been doing lately. Looks like I'll be known for my dress wearing and Wii U petting for years to come!

Finally, I also want to thank the game journalists that stopped by to chat. Again, I don't deserve any of the kindness and praise that you offered up. People like Jason Cipriano at MTV and Jonathan Holmes at Dtoid. My name and work doesn't deserve to be mentioned anywhere near what you guys do. I'm just a crappy blogger...guys like you get the real work out there. Guys like these make being a cog in the industry an absolute joy. Some of the best game journalists you can find.

Throw all that together into the fact that the Wii U was launching and it made for a stellar night. It was nothing but smiles and cheers, hugs and applause. I may have been sick for the event, I may have paid for that when I got home, but I'll never, EVER regret attending. It was a few hours in my entire life that will truly define who I am and what I do from here on out. That goes for my handling of GoNintendo, as well as life in general.

You may be tired of me thanking you guys after all these years, but you constantly give me reasons to. This Wii U launch has given me yet another reason to thank you for the support I truly don't deserve. Whether you just found the site today or have been here since day one, thank you for doing what you do. Without you, what I do wouldn't be possible. I've formed relationships that would have never otherwise come about. There is no way I'll ever be able to thank you properly for your passion...but that won't stop me from trying.
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