Wii U demand 'phnomenal', says Nintendo

A portion of a Forbes interview with Nintendo's Scott Moffitt...

F: How has the demand for Wii U thus far compared to the Wii?

SM: Demand has been phenomenal. As you’ve seen, stores are selling out of their pre-sell quantities. We want consumers to know upon launch they can go into their stores, and there will be new quantities available there to go in and buy. There may be lines, and we do anticipate tremendous demand. We’ll do our best to keep up with it, but there should be a great quantity available at launch. We know that for this launch week, we will have more available than we did during the Wii launch.

The second thing you should know is we’ll have more replenishment during the holiday season to replenish those stocks and refill those store shelves as quickly as we can. We can’t guarantee there won’t be shortages, but we’ll do our best to keep up with it.

Full interview here
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