Japanese devs discuss current and future projects

Kenta Kanno, Idea Factory

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement, a new game in the Mugen Souls series is in production.
My hang up as a director is that I want to raise the quality up until the last minute so that it may become more interesting.
Since I like SLG, I’d like to keep making RPGs. I’d also like to try making an action game, but that’s difficult. Gal games are out of the question.

Takeshi Yamazaki, Capcom

My favorite creator is Goichi Suda. He is really one of a kind.
I have a strong desire to create a scenario-centered game, so if I could make an RPG in a different genre, it might be interesting.
I’d like to try making a puzzle-type games because I enjoyed Portal so much.

Ken Suzuki, GungHo Online Entertainment

Hobbies include raising and playing with his cat. It’s a munchkin type.
I am currently doing my best to make Picotto Knights a good game. As far as future games go, I’d like the challenge of making an action game with a competitive specialization.

Mitomu Shimizu, Konami

My favorite creator is director Hideo Kojima. During my time at the KCE School, he came as a lecturer and I took my shirt off on the spot for him to sign.
I’m a former rugby player who entered the games industry after injuries, and I like baseball as much as cars, so in the future I’d like to try making a rally game.

Tai Yasue, Square Enix

My personal motto are some words of encouragement written for me by Yasumi Matsuno when I transferred. They are, “Don’t think you can come back.” (Yasue became acquainted with Matsuno in college and joined Square Enix with his help.)
I’m currently working on Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. Development is at about 80 to 90 percent complete. It’s a trifling thing, but we are looking into adding a scoring component when you clear the game.

Yuichiro Saito, Spike Chunsoft

His hobby and specialty is cats. He has five.
My favorite genre resembles [Bufufukonbi's Terasawa P], but the parts I’m particular about are just a little different.
I’ll be able to announce a new title soon where I’ll be the main producer.

Masayoshi Yokoyama, Sega

Enjoys the work of creators Toshihiro Nagoshi (Yakuza) and Guy Ritchie.

Shogo Kozakai, Nippon Ichi Software

Enjoys Hatsune Miku games and songs. His wife is skilled at Hatsune Miku Project Diva.
Their image as a strategy RPG maker is strong, but they also work on general RPGs and other genres that they’d like their customers to receive.

Kenji Saito, Platinum Games

His favorite character is the Dragon Quest series’ blue Slime.
From now on I want to take direction of the completely new projects from Platinum Games.



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