Ackkstudios discusses Two Brothers workload, Nintendo working hard to win over indies

"On the weekends, Brian will work literally from 8'o'clock in the morning until... 3'o'clock in the morning. It's only gotten crazier since we started working on it. I don't think we ever entirely intended on finishing it until it eventually kind of proved to be something we wanted to make. So Brian has put in a lot of time into it on the side. We eventually realized it had something, it had some potential to it." - Ackkstudios' Andrew Allanson

Allanson also talked about how Nintendo is fighting the negative stereotype of bad indie relationships by working hard to be welcoming on Wii U.

"I'm relieved because I didn't know what to expect. As soon as it was very clear that they had a direct business plan with how they want to work with indies, and that everything was very fair, the sort of stereotype of Nintendo being difficult to work with as an indie developer... I feel like they're trying to fight against it."

This information comes from the unfortunate incident earlier today with Ackkstudios, Kotaku and NES. If you want to read more about that internet drama, check out the link below.

Details here
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