Analysts - Wii U supply restrictions may help PS3/360 sales

"If we had to estimate, about 400k units of the 750k Xbox 360 units were from new consumers who did not own an Xbox 360 prior vs. the Wii U where 400k consumers did not have a Wii U prior. So in terms of who picked up the most new consumers, it's probably a dead heat. And of course there were about 200k to 300k consumers who couldn't even purchase a Wii U due to shortages, so I do have to wonder if the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 picked up some users due to the Wii U shortage. It's a little too early for us to make any declarations on the Wii U's long-term potential. They are off to a fair start and it will probably take another month to gauge where demand may be long-term for the Wii U." - EEDAR's Jesse Divnich
"I do think the Wii U faces a lot of challenges, but one week's worth of data isn't enough to put the nail in the coffin." - RW Baird's Colin Sebastian
More analyst commentary here
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