Ubisoft talks working with, supporting Nintendo through Wii U offerings

"Since E3, Nintendo has been consistently building presence in consumers’ minds through their PR activities as well as events and media. Over that period, we have also been pushing our own games to position them as key choices for gamers who purchase the console. On some occasions such as E3, we’ve worked together to ensure maximum exposure for both companies.

We find core gamers and the technologically-minded tend to be the first adopters of new consoles. It’s no real surprise that games that appeal to this audience are more likely to perform well early on. As Wii U reaches broader audiences, we will see a shift in the types of games bought.

For example, ZombiU gives a real array of interactions with the GamePad, using not only the traditional controls but also the touch screen and the gyroscope. In Rabbids Land, you can play the game entirely on the GamePad while someone else is watching TV. In Sports Connection, the GamePad and Wii Remotes give players very different experiences and adds to the replay value.

All these titles have got their own strong identity. The artistic style of Rayman Legends really sets the game apart, in the same way that Rabbids’ crazy humour makes it very distinctive. There is room for several key brands with distinct personalities in the FPS?market. It is the same with Wii U games.

Once again, Nintendo is the first to bring something new to home consoles. The innovation brought by the Wii U marks a step change, which will become more obvious as users familiarise themselves with these new gameplay possibilities.” - UK brand manager Ombeline Wallon
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