Japanese Nintendo Direct - live-stream/blog

Check out the entire recorded presentation here

Live video by Ustream

This event will be 44 minutes long and will focus on the Wii U launch in Japan.

- LEGO City Undercover release date TBA in Japan
- FIFA 13 12/8, 7665 yen. Mass Effect 3 12/8, 6090 yen. MH3 12/8, 4800 yen.
- Ninja Gaiden 3 12/8, 7140 yen. Musou Orochi 2 Hyper 12/8, 7140 yen. #NSMBU 12/8, 5985 yen.
- Nintendo Land 12/8, 4935 yen. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Ed. 12/8, 6980 yen.
- Nintendo is starting their own dedicated NSMBU YT channel
- Game & Wario has 16 mini-games, all playable with GamePad only, by up to 5 players.

- one Game and Wario game: Pretend to be asleep while your mother is walking by the window or peeks in the door.

- Game and Wario is due out in Japan early 2013
- Pikmin 3 due out Spring 2013

- Rayman Legends will be published by Nintendo
- Call of Duty: Black Ops II hits Japan on Dec. 20th

- Dragon Quest X due out on Wii U in 2013
- DQX to be available on disk and as a download on the eShop. Title will also allow you to utilize saves via the cloud.

- Wii U Panorama View due out on eShop in 2013
- Google Maps to be viewable on GamePad in the same way as Panorama View. Google Maps on #WiiU will go up around the end of January, and will be free through the end of March

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