Former RARE dev shows interest in Wii U development, details the Perfect Dark sequel that never happened

A portion of an NES interview with former RARE dev and Gory Details' creator, Christopher Seavor...

NES: Would you ever consider porting your game to Wii U, PS Vita, or 3DS to take advantage of their touchscreen and tilt capabilities?

CS: Yep… Tablet and Smart Phones only at the moment… Although looking at the Wii U (as one of my tweeters pointed out last week), it definitely might have potential for the new controller… But only on their indie shop (eShop) thing, and not for while if we do decide to look into it… I’d rather start something new…

NES: You’ve been vocal about how you wish Conker’s Other Bad Day had been made. Is there any other specific Rare game that never had a sequel (other than Conker) that you would have loved to see a sequel for and why?

CS: Perfect Dark 1……. And no, I’m not being facetious. I was working on the sequel don’t forget and I know what it could have been.. Maybe one day someone will sneak the story doc online (I know I’m not the only one still holding a copy), and you guys can judge for yourselves if it was worth making. I think it would have been really good, not to blow my own trumpet, and set the game up for at least one follow up after that… In fact, the ending ‘required’ a follow up, as it was planned as a 2 game storyline with a cliffhanger at the end of the first. Here’s a teaser.. The Epilogue to part 1 had this title : ‘The Death Of Jo Dark ?’

Full interview here
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