GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Will the Wii U suffer the same fate as Wii?

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The Wii was a runaway success for Nintendo. It was even a bigger success than Nintendo predicted it would be. I don't know that we'll ever see a Nintendo console success again like the Wii was. I sure hope the Wii U turns out the same way, but it's far too early to judge that.

Of course, the future of the Wii U is going to depend on the software support that comes its way. The Wii sold itself on being a new way to play, and that idea sold to both newcomers and long-time gamers. Unfortunately, those long-time gamers became quite fed up with the Wii, due to its lack of quality third party releases. Things only got worse as the system got long in the tooth.

In comes the Wii U, which Nintendo says fixes all the problems devs had with the Wii. It has a more robust online shop, it offers HD graphics and has a controller that features buttons to support the most robust control schemes out there. From Reggie to Iwata, all of Nintendo seems to think that there's no way third parties can turn the Wii U down.

If you were with us earlier today, you may have noticed an article that detailed just how many of early 2013's big 3rd-party titles are heading to Wii U. Out of a double digit list, there were only 2 confirmed Wii U outings. That's not to say there won't be other Wii U third party games, but this list of heavy-hitters didn't offer much hope for Wii U owners looking to get the same content that hits 360/PS3.

Is this once again an indication of third party support? Will the Wii U suffer early on for what happened with the Wii later in the game? Are the ideas of the Wii extending to Wii U only going to hurt it? Is it too early for devs to shuffle over their projects? What do you see as the fate of the Wii U?
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