Tank! Tank! Tank! gets a unique downloadable scheme in Japan

Tank! Tank! Tank! basic pack

- download for free on the eShop
- select the city map for Free for All, Team Battle, and Giant Monster modes.
- supports multiplayer, but you can only play the game three times each day
- purchase any downloadable content and this restriction disappears
- extra maps like the beach, canyon, and volcano levels for 200 yen each
- My Kong mode lets a fifth player control a giant monkey monster with the GamePad
- purchase this for 1,000 yen ($12) or at a sale price of 200 yen ($2.30) until January 31, 2013
- campaign mode costs an additional 2,200 yen ($26)
- 4,800 yen ($57) to upgrade the basic pack to the full gam
- waiting until the My Kong sale is over will cost you 5,600 yen ($66)



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