Chris 'duct tape' Hecker gets Wii U dev kit, testing Spy Party

“They sent me a devkit, actually, and it’s sitting right here, so we’ll find out if SpyParty works on it fairly soon. The design challenge is going to be, ‘how much does it matter that the Spy can see the Sniper’s screen?’ Obviously the Spy needs to be on the controller, but that means the Sniper’s view is on the TV, and I’m not sure how much that matters yet. I think the Spy will be pretty busy looking at the controller screen, but even a glance up at the TV will affect the game, so it’s going to take some design work and play-testing to figure out.” - Chris Hecker

Wow, I guess Nintendo wanted Hecker to put his money where his mouth is. Should be no reason he can't get Spy Party running on the system. Let's see if he makes it happen!

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