Former StarFox Adventures dev says lukewarm reception was expected, StarFox elements tacked on

“I totally understand the reaction, because many of us on the team felt the same way. Personally, I knew the game had its flaws, but also it borrowed a little too heavily from Zelda, I think. It also felt a little too much like the Star Fox elements were tacked on - which of course they were! But saying all of that, I'm incredibly proud of what we achieved, especially given the amount of time and resources we had. I think some of the criticisms were unjustified and seemed to revolve around it not being a proper Star Fox game like all the others, rather than judging it on what it was. I've had plenty of people come up to me in subsequent years and say that they loved the game and didn't understand why it received so much criticism.” - Lead Software Engineer, Phil Tossell

While StarFox Adventures may not be remembered as fondly as other RARE titles, I still believe it to be lightyears beyond what RARE is pumping out now. I'd love to see RARE tackle another game like this.

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