Knapnok - Only seen the top of the iceberg of social innovation

This is a snippet of a Joystiq interview with Knapnok designer Lau Korsgaard....

''It took me a while to figure out the philosophy behind the Wii U, but I think we are starting to see how big a social innovation this new console represents. I have never talked so much with my friends when playing console games, than when I play some of the multiplayer Wii U games. The synergy between the GamePad, the Wiimotes and the screen gives us a lot of different ways to play together and I feel we have only seen the top of the iceberg right now. The question is if the developers dare and have the imagination to break up the social conventions around console game experiences."

Click the link for more thoughts and ideas on Knapnok's title Spin the Bottle!
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