Junichi Masuda hypes up today's Pokemon announcement

Coming from Masuda's blog...

At last! The time has come.
On Tuesday, 8th of January. At 8.00pm of Japan time,
we will announce some Pokémon news to everyone!!
I would like everyone to check it out!
I would like everyone to share this moment with
your family, love ones, friends and colleagues!!
Of course, everyone who love Pokémon,
but those who don’t know Pokémon yet are also welcome to join us!
I want everybody to check this info, therefore
please spread and share this information at office,
school, club activities, any circle!!
I would like everyone to share and spread this news widely!
In Japan You can check official Pokémon website at 8:00PM on January the 8th.
For the exact time of the announcement in your time zone, please check the official Nintendo website.
You can find the links below.
I am also looking forward to it!

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