GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Nintendo Force is days away from release!

2013 is starting off in spectacular fashion for me. I really needed that after 2012 hurt me big in a couple ways. Of course, those negative events had nothing to do with you guys. You're always there to support me and ALWAYS give me reason to push on. You've made 2013 amazing so far, and I can't thank you enough. See you in a few, short hours!

Do you feel it sneaking up on you? Can you sense that inevitable force that's flying right at your face?! Believe it or not, you're just a few days away from Nintendo Force officially launching its first issue! You'll be able to give that issue a home, be it digitally or physically. I know that the entire crew hopes that you do just that!

Details on the how/when/where you can purchase are coming VERY soon. While we wait for that official info, I wanted to take a chance to say just how honored I am to be a part of this magazine. To be involved with something that carries on the ideas and legacy of Nintendo Power is absolutely amazing. I still cannot believe I'm lucky enough to be a part of it.

Most important to me is the fact that this magazine brings together Nintendo fans from various websites/publications across the internet. Too often we see the internet focusing on negative elements. This outlet hates that outlet, this writer has beef with that writer. So much snark, so much anger and way too much focus on internet battles that aren't really happening.

I'm truly humbled to be working alongside some of the best Nintendo-focused and all-around gaming outlets out there. To team with members of Nintendo Life, NWR, Destructoid, IGN and more...it's a fantastic experience. I am ridiculously proud of the fact that this group of writers from around the web can come together to create something that shows our love of Nintendo and Nintendo Power. I couldn't ask to be working alongside a better gang of people.

SO yes, we're VERY excited to show you the finished product! We're just going over a final proofing...making sure everything is spelled right, punctuated correctly and makes sense. We want issue one to be the best experience it can be. Trust me, you'll be able to go hands on with that issue (virtually and in the real-world) sooner than you think!
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