Renegade Kid blog update - The Wild Ride of Development

Our focus for ATV Wild Ride 3D has been to create an enhanced port of the DS game. The sad fact is that practically no one bought the original DS version of the game. However, even those 10 people who did purchase the DS will hopefully agree that the 3DS version is closer to a console racing experience than ever before. Not only have we upgraded the art, with the fancy tricks the 3DS affords such as, specular highlights, mip-maps, higher resolution textures, real-time lighting, shadow maps, and the like – we have also been able to work on the physics; adding suspension to the ATVs. This is a relatively subtle addition that, in my opinion, improves how the game feels.

That's just a small snippet of Jools Watsham's latest blog update. This update discusses how ATV Wild Ride came to be, and why the company decided to do an enhanced port of their DS game for the 3DS eShop.

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