GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - What are you doing most on Wii U?

Weekend is almost here, my friends. Let's power through Thursday and Friday, then relax like crazy on those days off! Hope all is going well and things are looking good. See you in a few, short hours!

The Wii U is still in its infancy. Nintendo is trying to find the right marketing approach to get new and old consumers to hop in. Some of us have already seen enough to know that the system has a welcome spot in our homes. While there many not be many owners out there, the ones that do have the system are hopefully keeping busy.

The Wii U certainly has a lot of options for entertainment. We saw some of these ideas trickle in as the Wii grew on in years, but the Wii U came out of the gate with a bunch of entertaining elements. Of course, you can play a nice selection of Wii U retail and digital games, as well as your old Wii titles. That's just the main course, though!

If you feel like surfing around on the web, you actually have a very capable browser to enjoy. If movies are your thing, you can check out Amazon On Demand Video, Hulu, Netflix and even Nintendo TVii to make choosing a film that much easier. Maybe you're spending your time on the YouTube app watching whatever content finds you. Let's not forget things you can only get on Wii U, like Miiverse and Wii U Chat!

Those of you with a Wii U, what have you been spending your time doing most? Are you playing the hell out of your new Wii U games? Have you been using the multimedia aspects of the system to no end? For me, lately I've been doing a lot more in the way of content watching than playing. Leave a comment and let us know!
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