GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Please be kind to your fellow gamer

I want to start this off by saying that I don't believe you guys and gals to be snark internet trolls. I've met some of the kindest, most wonderful people ever via GoNintendo. This is just a thought I had that I really wanted to get off my chest. Kills me to see stuff like this. See you in a few, short hours.

I remember seeing a special for this show on TLC last year, but it seems that IGN is involved with sharing another season their YouTube Channel every week. It may not be your cup of tea, but I thought the idea was cute enough, plus I loved seeing all the different cosplayers at these events. I bookmarked the video earlier today in order to watch at night.

11 minutes of harmless fluff, but I found it to be enjoyable nonetheless. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of heading to the comments section afterwards. That's where I found comments like these.

Nasty comments on the internet. There's a real shocker, right? I know, this kind of thing is old news. I thought that while reading the comments...but then I realized something. Comments like this aren't a new thing, but the fact that seeing stuff like this is taken as par for the course started to irk me. Instead of expecting insightful comments, constructive criticism and kind words, we expect to see vulgar bashing and hurtful thoughts? I'm all for freedom of speech...but I still find it sad that some people decide to use that freedom for comments like these.

Say whatever you like, you have that right. Just know that there are real people out there on the other end of your comments. The things you say may seem like part a virtual world stuck in a computer, but those words could have a profound impact on someone. A snarky retort that rolls off your back could absolutely ruin someone else's day.

This obviously applies to gamers in more ways than just the video above. We comment on gaming message boards, talk to one another on sites like this, voice/text chat with each other in games. Going on voice chat in today's games, you expect to be called fag, retard and a number of other names. You expect to have terrible interactions with people. You expect to have racist phrases blurted at you. It's truly upsetting that things are this way, but those spouting don't seem to care one bit.

Again, I believe you all to be wonderful people. I've only ever had fantastic interactions with all of you. I'm very, very lucky to have a corner of the internet with such kind and caring people. I just really felt that this was something I had to get off my chest.

For any of you that have been attacked online via a game/messageboard/site, know that you have others that care about you. Never let anyone get you down with mean-spirited comments. The internet and gaming worlds can be wonderful places, and you have plenty of people on this site that are more than ready to remind you of that.

I promise you that I'll always be just an email away, and I always have your back. If you've ever been beaten down by comments like this, you don't have to suffer them alone.
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