GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Thanks for the Nintendo Force support!

Just a quick EoD to end the weekend and start off yet another work week. Hope you all had a great, relaxing weekend. Let's hurry up through this week and get to another! See you in a few, short hours.

I can't believe that the first issue of Nintendo Force is already out. It seems like I was just invited to work on the project, but that was back in August! Having Nintendo Power gone is still just as heartbreaking now as it was then, but working on Nintendo Force helped to keep a smile on my face. Hopefully now that the magazine has debuted, you have a smile as well.

There have certainly been ups and downs with issue 1, but by and large, it seems like people are really happy with the content and presentation. You can rest assured that we're going to take all you've said and apply as much as we can to issue 2. We want to continue to evolve Nintendo Force into the best Nintendo-related magazine it can be!

Again, we know you guys and gals aren't too happy with the print price. We feel exactly the same way. I promise that we're looking into all sorts of options to make price a lot more tolerable. There have been some great suggestions from you guys, which we're currently weighing the pros and cons of.

As far as changes to the magazine itself, we'll see what happens! More exclusive features, more content and just more Nintendo goodness! We have to start somewhere, but I'd say our crew put together a pretty great start. Couldn't have asked for a more talented crew to get roped into. I know we'll all work harder than ever before to make issue 2 the next step for Nintendo Force!
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