GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - What's your Wii U system seller?

Time for me to head off to ed...or play a game...or watch some TV. I'm not sure I'm ready to catch some sleep just yet. I like to unwind a bit after a day's work. That's what I say now, but I bet my eyes shut just a few minutes from now! See you in a few, short hours.

The Wii U is out all over the world. Plenty of people have already picked up their console, but there are still many, many more that are holding off on a purchase. Some may never pick the system up, some might be waiting for some funds to free up. Of course, most are likely waiting for the software library to beef up.

For those that picked up the Wii U already, I'm guessing you saw something that sparked your interest. On a very basic level, you might just want to have Nintendo's latest hardware. There's no shame in being an early adopter, as that usually works out with the Big N's offerings. If you did pick up the Wii U for a specific game, please let us know what game sold you.

For those that are holding out on a Wii U purchase, what software would seal the deal for you? Is there a game that's been announced that you can't wait for, but it hasn't yet been released? Are you waiting for a specific announcement before you jump in? Are you waiting for more first-party offerings before you make a purchase?

Software is going to be a big part of the Wii U's future success or failure. Whether Nintendo manages to bring in content that sells the Wii U to more consumers remains to be seen. You can be sure that there are some big-name games on the way that'll bring in newcomers. We just want to know what that one game will be that you can't resist!
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