Nintendo Q3 fiscal results - return to profit, estimates lowered, Wii U and 3DS sales

Figures cover the period from April to December last year

- net income of 14,545 million yen (around $159m
- net sales estimates revised down by 17.3%
- Wii U had sold 3.06 million units worldwide
- 1.32 million in North America, 900,000 in Europe and 830,000 in Japan
- Wii shifted 3.53 million from April to December
- revised Wii U sales to 4 million by end of March
- game sales estimated to reach 16 million (11.69 million have been sold so far)
- Nintendo Land has sold 2.33 million
- 3DS software sales increased by 41% year-on-year
- 3DS hardware sales up by 11%
- cut sales forecasts to 15 million

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