Nintendo Results Briefing - details (complete)

- Iwata feels great responsibility for not achieving forecast target
- 3DS in Japan on good track with 3 of top 5 from Nintendo
- Animal crossing for 3ds exceeded plans
- NA market has been worst with only 2 titles of top 20 for 3DS and no console there
- US sales were -27% versus japan while previously 2.5x, also blaming competitors were aggressively bundling titles in US and EU
- Said in Germany and France that 3DS hardware sales were up year on year, the best markets in Europe
- No Wii U price cut
- USA 5 titles in top 20, France 11/20, Germany 10/20 and Spain 11/20
- UK was lower, still saying 3DS volumes exceeding DS ramp
- Overseas 3DS software is not there yet to drive sales of hardware, but 3DS has become leading platform in Japan
- Wii U value proposition not delivered enough to consumers. Selling below cost and not planning to discount further
- Set minimum 100 billion op for next fysical year. Committment from managment to eliminate losses per unit aggressively
- Achieve targets in Japan with release of Monster Hunter 4, Dragon Quest 7, Animal Crossing, Pokemon X/Y
- Overseas will release Fire Emblem, Brain Age, Lego City, Animal Crossing by mid year. This plus 10 more titles. Digitally available for 3DS.
- on 3DS, more JP titles will be released overseas for 3rd party like Professor Layton.
- Digital was important for sales with Animal Crossing
- Nintendo wants to do more collaboration with 3rd party developers on Wii U and not just licensing
- Wii U connectivity is 74% and want to enhance GamePad usage
- Google streetview has been delayed from end of January to mid February for japan, saying its an example of what they want to do with the GamePad in the livingroom
- It is called Wii Street U powered by Google. You can tour places from livingroom and adjusts to orientation of the GamePad as you pan around
- Wii U have more software to come out from mid-year onwards. In particular, Miyamoto will change his gaming style with Wii U.
- Miyamoto is saying that developers have not put much uniqueness in games as of yet.
- The Wii U has become part of Iwata's life. First time this has ever happened.
- Iwata says that not every single game can become cloud offered and that hardware won't become obsolete. Need to think of something new and unexpected in games.
- Miyamoto believes that smartphone games are now so functional that users become satisfied. Their mission is to offer more and hence users buy Nintendo systems.
- Miyamoto thinks that the television can be more useful for consoles in people's lives. This is Wii U's mission.
- Discussing Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Japan. Success with more women/girls this time versus DS version 7 years ago, which sold 5 million with 2/3 women buyers
- 3DS female mix was 25% in week one, but that hit 50% when Animal Crossing was launched and continues at high levels since the game has launched
- Iwata believes that they need to think of a better way to communicate asymetrical gameplay
- According to Miyamoto, he doesn't think that all games should incorporate asymetrical options
- Miyamoto think with Pikmin 3, besides HD, that there is no better way to play with than two screens
- Iwata saya that up until middle of last year, that it was difficult to develop on Wii U for Nintendo and Third parties. It will improve over time and they have to overcome it.
- Wii U processor is memory optimised and CPU/GPU are becoming less important. Competitors doing the same.
- Iwata said digital sales are the key for growth, but it won't replace packaged goods. Achieved 11 billion sales in 9 months.
- About the reports being allowed to sell consoles in China, Iwata says that he "doesn't see any change" to the situation at this time.
- NFC on Wii U, which can be used for games with figures/cards working with game. Nintendo is making preparations in that direction and will have more to say by the end of the year.
- NFC is similar to Felica in Japan, so studying to use nfc for e-money. No change to dividend policy or return to shareholders.
- Iwata: It is my mission to improve and make our platforms solid and hence achieve 100 billion op. Wii U will have after summer more games to drive.


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