GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Do you prefer SNES or Genesis sound?

Been listening to a ton of retro music lately, which is why this idea came to mind. Not out to start a fight. Just honestly interested in what you have to say! You have at the discussion while I catch some rest. See you in a few, short hours!

No, I am not trying to bring back the SNES/Genesis wars. Nintendo and SEGA are best of friends nowadays, and I happen to prefer it that way! Much better to see the two working closely together instead of jumping down each other's throats. While we enjoy their current buddy-buddy relationship, let's step back into the past for just a moment.

I'm a huge fan of chiptunes, with both the SNES and Genesis having some of the best game soundtracks out there. I really think that a lot of the tunes from games on those platforms easily stand toe-to-toe with the best work coming out today. There are plenty of games on each platform that have soundtracks that really stuck with me.

I'm just going to share one song from an SNES and Genesis game that I really think shows off what the system can do. Please enjoy a track from a couple of my personal favorites.

Oh man...goosebumps from both songs! Such fantastic soundtracks. You really should check them out if you haven't.

As you already know, the SNES and Genesis had very different sounds to them. Games that appeared on both platforms always had soundtracks and sound effects that sounded quite different. I also know that people either like one or the other better. So I'm putting the question to you! In general, do you like the SNES or Genesis sound presentation better? Please give examples, as I'd love to hear your favorite tunes!
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