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Could Wii U's video chat be getting an upgrade?

by rawmeatcowboy
04 March 2013
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Vidyo is the company involved with Nintendo for Wii U Chat. While that experience exists in and of itself right now, it seems like there might be multiple expansions in the future. The followingg info comes from a Vidyo PDF.

Focus on social networking around gaming
Now: video chat in Miiverse
Next: video-powered game experiences

Chat today, conferencing soon
Now: point-to-point
Next: multi-party conferencing

Extending to mobile devices soon
Now: between Wii U consoles
Next: between Wii U and mobile devices

In-game video along with Wii U video chat connecting to other devices? Both sounds like great ways to expand the service. I'm more about games, but I'll take services as well! Thanks to all that sent this in.