Shovel Knight Kickstarter Update #9 - Achievements, Plague Knight and a teaser for tomorrow

Achievement unlocked - Achievements!l!

Shovel Knight continues to plow right through the stretch goals. This time he’s broken the Achievement barrier. Our own custom, non-obtrusive achievement system will be integrated into the game; this means ALL releases of the game will feature an achievement system, including 3ds/WiiU which typically don’t support it! We’ll be striving to make original, creative achievements you’ll actually want to unlock - encouraging you to play the game in new ways you never imagined. Thanks for all the support everyone!

New Game Plus is next! Let’s do it!!!

Sometimes, the bomb is mightier than the sword. Deep in the recesses of his alchemical lab, Plague Knight perfects concoctions both poisonous and explosive. Toxin, disease, and death are his playgrounds. Even his comrades give Plague Knight a wide berth, because he spreads more than just the common cold. With an array of mysterious and magical bottles at his side, Plague Knight could be considered the black sheep of The Order of No Quarter.

Pros: Maniacal scientific mind, fearlessness bordering on recklessness

Cons: Physically weak, short stature, shy at parties

A Huge Surprise Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we are going to announce something crazy. Something that we didn’t believe when we first heard it. Something that we cried over when we found out it was actually true. And we are still reeling in the shock of it. We want to shock you too, so get excited. Tomorrow is a big one.

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