Ubisoft reveals new Rayman Legends Challenges App details, discusses series' future

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Ubisoft's Emile Morel...

Nintendo Life: Thanks for joining us Emile. Following the delayed Wii U release of Rayman Legends, a Challenge Mode was announced as a standalone free download on the Wii U eShop. Could you tell us more about that, and is it still due in April?

Emile Morel: End of April, we’ll release the Rayman Legends Challenges App on the Wii U eShop. This totally free application contains the online Challenge Mode of Rayman Legends. In this game mode you’ll find Daily and Weekly Challenges to compete with your friends and players from all around the world!

The Challenge Mode showcases exclusive challenges, including:

a crazy run in Land of the Livid Dead.
a journey in the vertiginous Neverending Pit.
a climb of the Infinite Tower as fast as possible.
Murfy’s Dungeon, a challenge dedicated to the Wii U GamePad where you play as Murfy on the touch screen.

Every day and every week, new and totally exclusive levels are randomly generated thanks to our brick system designed to build these challenges. So every day when you connect to this application you discover a new challenge.

This application will give players many hours of fun! And we, members of the Rayman development team, can’t wait to play these challenges with all the Wii U owners!

NL: With the daily and weekly challenges in this download, how long will this level of content be supported?

EM: The Challenges App will be supported until the release of the full game. So players will have several months to enjoy this free application! The Rayman dev team will provide some exclusive tips and tricks for Wii U owners on Miiverse and on Facebook, these tips will help you improve your scores in the different challenges! We’ll also organize contests between our fans and the Rayman dev team.

NL: And finally, are there any discussions around a third title in this 2D Rayman series at the moment?

EM: The whole dev team really loves Rayman and its crazy universe, so we really hope that Rayman and all his friends will be back soon!

Full interview here


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