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Miyamoto loved working on N64 games, wrote music for the original Donkey Kong

by rawmeatcowboy
15 May 2013
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A portion of a Time for Kids interview with Shigeru Miyamoto...

TFK: What was your favorite game to work on?

MIYAMOTO: I’ve enjoyed making every game that I was a part of. When we started creating the hardware and games for the Nintendo 64, we were transitioning from 2D games to 3D worlds. This was the first time people were using 3D technology in an interactive way. There was nobody to tell us how to create these types of 3D games. We were essentially creating our own rules of how 3D games should be designed. It was very exciting and fun for us. These rules and designs lead to many patents. While others may have found it difficult and challenging with the new technology and game designs, I had fun.

TFK: Do you help create any music for your games?

MIYAMOTO: When we were creating the original Donkey Kong game, I wrote out original sheet music and gave it to the programmer and asked them to put that music into the game. That was the last time I made music for a game. With the other games, I ask the musicians to provide me the music they are working on and I make a lot of requests about what I want them to change or what type of music I want them to create.

Full interview here