GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Where does the game industry go from here?

Had a lot of interesting thoughts today. Don't know how I feel about the industry right now. That's why I'm bringing up today's End of Day thought. Maybe your feelings can help me better understand mine. See you in a few, short hours.

As I stated earlier today, many people have been asking about my opinion of the Xbox One reveal earlier today. I just don't feel that it's right to dedicate an entire article to that opinion on GoNintendo. I have linked to my thoughts, which I shared on my personal Tumbler. For tonight's End of Day thought, I felt it more important to discuss the game industry in general.

There are more than a few analysts and gaming press that feel the industry is setting itself up for another crash. There's no denying that Nintendo brought the industry back from the brink of death with the NES, but are we really heading for another downward turn that really shakes the industry to its core? With the way things are going right now, I guess it could be possible.

The Wii U is on shaky ground sales-wise. The software just isn't there to support the platform as of right now. We're hearing the same third party woes that we've heard year after year with other Nintendo consoles. For Nintendo fans, this isn't anything new. For those that are trying to decide what console to pick up, the Wii U seems to be a tough sell at the moment. This can obviously be turned around, which all of us are hoping happens before the year closes out.

The PS4 has a lot of unanswered questions surrounding it. What will Sony do when it comes to used games? How much will this powerhouse cost? Will the touch pad on the controller actually be put to good use? Yes, some of these questions are minor ones that can be answered without batting an eyelash, but others could be make-or-break for some consumers.

The reaction to the Xbox One reveal has been mixed at best. Gamers seem to be very angry with the details for online connections and how games are handled. Will we really not be able to lend our friends game and have them play without a fee attached? Is the core gamer not Microsoft's focus? Do we really own the games we purchase? Again, these are things Microsoft can clear up, some of which they'll do at E3.

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are all facing some big issues right now. It can be said that all three need to convince the public that their system is worth our time/money. Will details of PS4/Xbox One push fans in Nintendo's direction? Is it possible that gamers that found plenty to enjoy last generation just won't join in for this round? Has the industry taken players for granted in some ways, while ignoring us in others?

I'm interested to hear what you think. What company do you see as best positioned to have a successful console 5 years from now? Does the industry have reason to worry about its future? How do you feel you're being treated? Leave a comment and let us know.
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