GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Nintendo's most important E3 ever?

Weekend is here, my friends. We all worked our asses off. Now it's time to get through Friday and start enjoying the finer things in life! I sure hope you all have some wonderful plans for the weekend. Watch out, Friday...we're ready for fun! See you in a few, short hours.

Okay...so Nintendo isn't doing the traditional press conference at E3. It's certainly shocking news, but the more you think about it, the more you can see what the decision was made. The only ones that are really impacted by this move were the press that would be attending. Everyone else would be watching from home anyway, so what does it matter if it's on stage live or pre-recorded? We're still going to get the same awesome content!

So yes, there may be a bit of sadness lingering, but it's time to focus on the fun stuff. Nintendo set the date and time for their Nintendo E3 Direct. It may be a bit early for our friends on the West coast, but at least this time around we have a couple weeks to prepare for it! Take off work, get out of school and clear your schedule now. Nintendo is ready to show us why the future of Wii U is bright!

At least, that's what we hope happens! Nintendo has had some issues with platforms before, but it seems like the problems with Wii U are higher than ever. Nintendo managed to turn around the 3DS quite a bit. There's still work to be done, but they're no strangers to taking lemons and making lemonade. It's time to do that with the Wii U, which might be why Nintendo has already told us that all the big guns will be shown in their conference.

Will there be surprises as well? This is Nintendo, so it's safe to bet that they'll spring a few top-secret details for us. More importantly, this is the showcase Nintendo needs to put on in order to turn around the public opinion of Wii U. Hell, it could be the start of a soft relaunch for the system. Some people don't even know what the Wii U is. This is the time to educate them and prove that they'll need one this year.

How high do you think the stakes are for Nintendo with this upcoming E3? What are they going to do to hype up the Wii U and get people interested? Will there be anything for those that don't usually enjoy the typical Nintendo brands? Will we see a new IP or two? Every E3 presentation is an important one, but the deafening wall of Wii U distaste is quite high. Nintendo needs to break through in a big way, with E3 certainly being the place to do it. If Nintendo doesn't manage to pull off a huge and entertaining Wii U showcase, how much trouble will they be in?
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