Sonic Lost World - first round of gameplay details (controls, story, design and more)

The following info comes from an IGN interview and eyes-on session with producer Takashi Iizuka...

“We wanted to create an all-new design for 3D Sonic games with Sonic: Lost World. Ever since the first day of development, we were focused on creating new and unique levels to best fit this new style.”

- gameplay involves twisting, turning and jumping along floating constructs suspended in mid-air
- some stages focus on slower speeds with more platforming
- some stages focus more on speed
- grassy setting comes from Wind Hill
- Desert Ruins 1 features cakes, cookies, donuts and candy
- Desert Ruins 2 doesn't feature the food items mentioned above
- Desert Ruins 2 is a ‘tunnel racing’ concept
- wide range of branching paths and exploration options
- Sonic's controls have been adjusted to fit the new design

“Exhilarating and dynamic speed can sometimes conflict with [intuitive] controls, so we're constantly trying to improve the balance between the two. (Improving control was) of the utmost importance.”

- the two key ideas are being able to control Sonic’s speed and a ‘Parkour system’
- this allows players to automatically accommodate basic obstacles when Sonic runs
- Sonic now walks until the GamePad’s triggers pop-up, which engage his running speed
- holding down the second trigger will pull Sonic into a ball
- Sonic is at full speed in ball form

“In previous 3D Sonic games, even if you're running through a level at top speed, if you hit an obstacle you stop instantly. To avoid this, we added a new action to keep Sonic running, even when you hit an obstacle. To make sure it only happens when you want it to, it's triggered by the player holding the run button.”

- On Wii U, the GamePad is specifically used to activate various Whisp-based “Color Powers”
- these feature touch-based controls
- use these to gain access to side paths and area
- GamePad is also used in ‘Support Mode’
- this mode lets one player to use the GamePad for assistance while another controls Sonic via Wiimote/Nunchuk
- Sonic is the only character players will directly control
- Tails, Knuckles and Amy will make appearances in the story
- Sonic is chasing after Eggman when he happens upon a mysterious planet called “Lost Hex”
- that's where the new enemies live
- these foes will bring a “sense of danger and humor” to the story
- Sonic will once again save animals throughout levels
- game will keep track of the animals you save on a level-basis as well as overall
- the more you save, the more bonus content you can unlock
- includes Red Star Rings (collected for unlockable content) and gold cannons (which access hidden paths)
- 3DS version will use full 3D levels

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