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A lot of people expected to do a Wii Sports U at launch for the Wii U, but instead we got a brand-new mini-game collection. Nintendo Land is still the title that Nintendo claims as the experience to show off what Wii U is about. Will Nintendo announce another expanded audience title at E3 that will push Nintendo Land aside? Before that happens, let's take a look at a review from reader Berrix.

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Nintendo is known recently for their Wii franchise of games. Where, instead of well known characters, Miis have taken over and shown some lighthearted enjoyment to be had in the games they have appeared in as leading roles. Usually it's agreed upon most of these games are enjoyed in short bursts of play. This game does nothing to defy such.

The game is overly simple to understand; You play your Mii, who apparently just gotten control over a Nintendo-themed... Well, theme park. With a knowledgeable guide, Monita, you get guided through the various games with you can play. Over time, you eventually unlock various things around the park to spruce up the apparently barren lobby.

The game is pretty straight forward about the games they offer. These "attractions" can vary depending on the type of game it is, with a wide range from single player games, to games the require more than one person to even play, the options are there. With each play you earn a segment of coins based on how well you did on the game. These coins are used in a mini coin slot game that releases items that automatically decorate your lobby (as mentioned earlier). The games are very varied on how you play, these rang from flicking at the gamepad screen to throw ninja stars, to tilting and tracing among others. If you forget how each game is played, no worries, Monita pretty much forces you to listen to the tutorial speech each time you go back in the game. Each, though they do the job of understanding, lack depth however. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. With a wide variety of games to play it gives an understanding of how many games may take it to the next level on what to expect, regardless how much this game pitched itself. If you're also connected to online, your lobby will actually populate with live feed of many gamers from around your region, talking about the various experiences they, too, have had. Making the game feel more alive.

The visuals are glossy, but nothing impressive. With each game has their own experience, each also have their own form of stylized aesthetics. Ranging from origami ninjas and samurai, to patchwork plush bulblin. Each give a very classy toy-inspired theme to be involved in. The lobby itself and the Miis that populate in it are glossed over tin figures, with decorations adorning everywhere from every game you have played and unlocked via the coin game. The overall vibe is bright, and fun.

The sound in the game is pretty much expected from all Nintendo games, each has had their own themes, ranging from the classic symphonies of Mario and Zelda games to a more modern and electronic stylings of F-Zero. Each doing nothing unique, but brining back many of their own soundtracks into the game instead. Bringing nostalgia with it to many seasoned gamers of Nintendo's history.

In Final:
Overall, the game does a lot of neat things, however it doesn't push them far enough to really wow more seasoned gamers. It is, of course, a "Wii " game in disguise, there was nothing I didn't expect from such. The game is pretty simple and easy to understand for everyone and does it's job of getting people familiar with the gamepad well.

What To Expect:

+ Vibrant and fun worlds
+ Easy controls
+ Some games really excel with friends and family
+ Live Miiverse feed in the lobby

- Lacking depth
- Some games fall on the too simple side, making it frustrating to play for long
- Monita talks... A lot
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