GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - GN Mailbag 6/19 (Respect, Mario Party and E3)

Daan won't be covering the site this Wednesday, so that means you're stuck with me! That also means no evening nap for me. I better get my rest now! See you in a few, short hours!

I love doing the mailbag. I 100% love reading and answering your questions. Another set of good ones this time around. We talk a bit about Nintendo fans and respect, Mario Party bloodbaths and Nintendo's unique approach to E3. Have a read below and please send more mail our way!

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Vitor: I think that we, as Nintendo fans, have a sort of catch-22 problem with third parties. They put crappy ports/versions of their games on Nintendo consoles, which leads to poor sales, and then they don't want to make more or better games for Nintendo consoles. My question is: what should we do, as Nintendo fans, to communicate to those third-parties that we just want some respect? All I want is some respect.

RMC: I hear you, man...I really do. I'm with you on the respect thing. We can play Nintendo games and enjoy the hell out of them, which is why we're all gathered on this site. We can also let what others say about Nintendo roll off our backs. Hearing other gamers bash Nintendo isn't fun, but getting into a verbal fight over it gets us nothing. Like what you like, let others like what they like and live happy knowing you take an open-minded approach while others feed off negativity. There approach is no way to live a life.

As for getting respect from third parties, that's a tough one. The truth of the matter is, many third parties view Nintendo's first party titles as a real threat to their work. Why release a version of your game for a Nintendo platform when you have to go toe-to-toe with Nintendo's quality of games? Sony and Microsoft have great first-party titles as well, but Nintendo has an entire business built off their brands. I can understand that being a tough proposition.

The problem is, third parties don't really try anymore. Most put out games on Nintendo systems with less features than what's offered in the other outings. Why do Nintendo platforms, when they do get third party titles, end up without parity the competition gets? On top of that, third parties blame fans for not buying these games. It's almost like they want excuses to not support Nintendo platforms. I'm not going to pay the same price for a title on a Nintendo platform that doesn't match every possible feature that other versions get. Why should I be stiffed? That doesn't mean I don't want to support third parties on Nintendo platforms, it means I want to be respected.

Unfortunately, there's also the situation of quality third party games that just don't sell on Nintendo platforms. There have been cases of high-quality, feature-matched titles on Nintendo systems that just don't sell. That might have something to do with the type of title or Nintendo fans that want first-party only. If that's the case either way, so be it. I feel the bigger problem comes from third party support in terms of quality and features, but Nintendo fans that completely ignore third parties don't help. I feel it important to really support quality third party support, but I can't be mad at a gamer that only spends money on what he/she wants.


James: Did you ever get into a fight with someone over a game of Mario Party?

RMC: Mario Party is the ULTIMATE game in my family that causes fights. I'm not one to fight over that game (or any!), but my sister is an absolute maniac. She cannot make it through a game of Mario Party without becoming enraged. It has nothing to do with the actual mini-games. It's all about the star stealing and random board spots that have you losing your stars/coins randomly. The bad luck always seems to head her way, which makes her really furious. Truth be told, we actually avoid playing the series with her now because of those fights!


Haleman: Since nintendo will not host a big e3 presser this year, will you go to e3 anyway this year?

RMC: Ha, I guess I'm a little late on this one.

As many of you know, I did not attend the show. It was my first year in 8 years that I haven't gone to E3. Working the show from home was both a blessing and a curse. No matter what, the show brings a massive wall of news. Staying on-top of the actual news this year was easier because of being at a computer all the time, but working the show allows for so much more insight and detail.

If Nintendo takes the same approach to E3 next year, I'm thinking I'll do the same thing as well. I'll hang back and cover from home. I seriously miss attending the show because of all the people I never get to see. It's work and it's tough, but it's a great place to chat with those you deal with via email all the time. I can't tell you how much I missed everyone this year, but I had to do what's right for the site and my personal funds. The lack of traditional press conference and multiple roundtables meant it just didn't make sense for me to attend. Hopefully you enjoyed the coverage on the site.


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