GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Is Pikmin 3 a system seller?

The recent Gmail update made our tips email a bit wonky. I couldn't get into the email to check questions tonight, but I'll post our latest mailbag edition as soon as things get fixed up. For now, let's talk Pikmin! See you in a few, short hours.

It's hard to believe that Pikmin 3 is now a real game that exists in Japan. We had so many years of Nintendo discussing a new Pikmin title being in the works. Each year as E3 rolled around, we were sure that we'd see the reveal of the long-in-development title. Time and time again, we ended up disappointed with a no-show. Now the final game has finally shipped in Japan.

Even thought Pikmin isn't exactly a new franchise, it's one that Nintendo hasn't been all that involved with over the years. Most Nintendo brands have double-digit outings under their belts, but the Pikmin universe has only graced us with two titles. There may have been Wii re-releases, but those don't count. Pikmin 1 and 2 are our only unique adventures in the Pikmin universe.

Pikmin 3 almost graced us with its presence on the Wii, but Miyamoto saw fit to bring the game over to Wii U. That made the wait even longer, but soon enough that wait is coming to an end. The title is available in Japan right now, with Europe and North America soon to follow. It's finally going to be time to take on another adventure of quite a grand scale!

Early reports from Japan indicate that Pikmin 3 is not only selling well, but moving some Wii U units out the door. That is doubly good news to hear. Any game that can move systems is a big thing for Nintendo right now. The question is, just how much selling power does Pikmin 3 have? We'll find out some numbers Wednesday morning, but does Pikmin 3 stand to be a game-changer in the states and Europe? Can this title bring in more Wii U consumers? Are you a Wii U hold-out that is jumping in for Pikmin 3?
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