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Monster Hunter 4 Direct - details

by nintendaan
08 September 2013
GN Version 4.0
- Monster Hunter X Super Mario. You can dress up the cats as Mario and Luigi.
- Iwata talks a bit more about the collab costumes. There will special quests at 7-Eleven and available to download thereafter.
- Iwata leaves the rest of the presentation to the development team.
- They are now going to show some multiplayer. Game features online multiplayer now.
- You have to click on a world map button and choose between the various options of the game.
- Friends can directly join from the friendslist. Of course, you can still create or find rooms.
- With finding a room, you can pick the skill level and difficulty of quests. They are now going into lobby.
- There is a full chat function, with which you can communicate with players in the lobby.
- There are the pre-installed options for you to enter, if you prefer that.
- We see them duking it out against a gigantic creature. Everyone is trying their own strategy.
- It seems all pretty seemless, as you can all walk around freely. Chat function always active in the corner.
- Finishing the monster off is done a quick timey sort of way.
- Monster Hunter 4 themes are being discussed. It is, according to them, very clearly shown in the opening.
- The game's theme is also used in commercials, as it presents everything quite well.
- There is also new function called an... item sensor? It allows you to find the more important items really.
- They are talking about that the character can jump now, which allows for more action packed adventures.
- The game still features a story, which is expanded a bit more in comparison to previous games.
- You journey to different places, take on quests and they are many NPCs too.
- Link outfit for the main character revealed. This outfit you also get in a collab quest.
- Their bit is concluded with an overview of some more crazy monsters.