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Nintendo UK - Unlock plenty of prizes with our Game & Wario game tips

by rawmeatcowboy
18 October 2013
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Wa-ha! If you’ve sniffed out Wario’s latest attempt to make his millions in Game & Wario on Wii U, chances are that you’ll need a little help gathering up enough Tokens to unlock all the weird and wonderful treats from the CHICK-N-WIN machine. Pop a peg on your nose, try to ignore the stench of garlic and follow these tips to pick up plenty of Tokens without kicking up too much of a stink!

Getting started…

Game & Wario features a dozen crazy single-player games and four hilarious multiplayer experiences, all played with just one Wii U GamePad. Don’t take that entirely at face value, though – as a rule, generally more than one person can get involved in even the solo endeavours. For several of the games it’s handy to have a second pair of peepers watching the television, as the main player will often be intently concentrating on what’s happening on the Wii U GamePad screen. Recruit a friend or family member to watch and yelp out advice – you’ll have the CHICK-N-WIN laying prizes by the basketload in no time!


A robot invasion is in full swing, and only Wario and his moustache bow are between them and a whole load of strawberry theft! You can let fly with a flurry of arrows on the mechanical marauders, but you’ll stop the stealing much more quickly if you draw the bow string back as far as you can on the Wii U GamePad touch screen for an extra powerful shot! Remember, there’s no group too tough for a well-timed Sneeze Shot – just grab a little pepper and shake some on the bow’s nose to give it an explosive impact!


When helping Diamond City’s favourite photojournalist Mona snap her latest targets, there are a few things to bear in mind if you want to keep on the right side of Editor Joe. Make sure that your subject’s eyes are open and looking your way when the shutter comes down, and it doesn’t hurt if they’re right in the centre of your viewfinder either. Have a friend watch the television and direct your movements so that you can put all your focus on snapping those perfect pictures – and get them to keep a look out for hidden Fronks for stacks of bonus points, too!


9-Volt’s mother, 5-Volt, really doesn’t want him staying up past his bedtime playing BALLOON FIGHTER – and she gets pretty scary when she’s angry. Avoid her wrath and duck under the duvet at just the right time by keeping one eye on all the danger points: the door, the window and, scariest of all, the television. As the games speed up, the action becomes more intense and 5-Volt starts popping up in stranger situations, so enlist a friend or few to play lookout and scream along with you! Of course, if you want to play the micro-games without stress, you can always live the easy life and play on 18-Volt’s porch instead.


Help Dr Crygor design his latest line of robots by drawing some smart shapes and lines. It’s tricky to judge just how long a line is by instinct alone, but you can ease the pressure and guarantee that some of your scribbles are neat. Use the edge of the Wii U GamePad touch screen as a guide to sketch out some perfectly straight lines. Those corners might come in handy to start you off at the right angle with triangles, too!


Fruit is all about deception and pulling the wool over your opponents’ eyes. If you’re one of the agents trying to catch the thief, a little psychology and banter can go a long way in making the Wii U GamePad-wielding robber slip up. As the fruit thief, stay in crowds and snatch up the treats when the areas around them are especially busy – and don’t be afraid to take your time. If you really want to flummox your foes, make liberal use of power switches in later stages!


It’s all very well landing a string of high-scoring shots, but the real key to winning this Fronk-fest is to play dirty. Push other players’ pieces out of the point zones and claim those score sectors as your own! Spread your Fronks far and wide – across multiple islands if possible – to reduce the chances of a rival taking out your entire haul in one cruel shot.


Use your shield fiercely and decisively to block projectiles from any direction and shake off those arrows. Just a little warning, though: make sure you’re limber beforehand. Pirates love to party hard after a day of plundering, you know…