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North America - 3DS Nintendo Direct for 11/13 (live streams, blog)

by rawmeatcowboy
13 November 2013
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- 15-sec mini-trailers for A Link Between Worlds on Nintendo's Instagram account
- Irene the witch is a brand-new character. She's told that aiding someone in green will bring good fortune. Tap a bell on the lower screen to have Irene take you to various weather vanes that you've found on the map. She has a major broom that can travel between two worlds.

- Seres is the daughter of the sanctuary's priest. She gets trapped in a painting.
- Milk Bar owner will tell you that there's a man trapped on a mountain that is looking for premium milk.
- Use StreetPass to create your own Shadow Link to battle other real players. Their data is sent to you as well, with their Shadow Link appearing in your game world. Battle to earn rupees.
- Mario Party: Island Tour requires just one game card for multiplayer in all 7 game boards and all 80 mini-games. Also gives access to freeplay mode and Hot Air Hijinx. Mini-game tower ends with Bowser's Tower. This features 30 floors. Every 5 floors has a boss battle. StreetPass mini-games allows you to tag up to 10 other players to compete against their data.
- Bravely Default's Brave and Default system for battle. Default option lets a character defend for a whole turn to store up points and use later. Store points to land multiple hits later for big damage. Increase the pace of battled with the control pad. Bravely Second feature allows you to freeze time. Attacks used during this time use Sleep points. Leave your 3DS in sleep to build up more sleep points. Customize your characters with jobs, abilities, weapons and spells. StreetPass to summon friends in battle or have them help rebuild your hometown. Collectors Edition gets the game, artbook, 34 AR Cards and a CD. Due out Feb. 7th.

- Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy due out Feb. 28th

- 3DS system update due next month. Allows you to combine current Wii U/3DS eShop balances. Register your NNID on your 3DS which lets you share balance information. Purchase software on either device using a combined balance. Create an NNID to download game demos and other free software. Download paid content without logging in with NNID. Miiverse will hit 3DS alongside this update as well.

- YouTube hitting 3DS later this month.
- YouTube app on Wii U being updated. Search for/view content on GamePad. Available later this month.

- Pikmin 3 getting third round mission mode DLC with completely new stages. Get to play as Olimar. Louie is hiding in these levels as well. 8 stages, 4 collect treasure and 4 battle enemies. Comes with software update. Due out Dec. 2nd. Get the update to get two stages for free. Take place in the Fortress of Festivity.

- Jett Rocket 2 coming to 3DS eShop in Europe shortly after the presentation.
- Animal Crossing Plaza getting stamp update for posting on Miiverse. Over 50 stamps. Ranking feature coming as well, based on various polls. Nov. question is who would make the best secretary. Dec. question is who would make the neighbor of the year. Plaza closes at the end of 2014. More features to come like resident registration. Update will also impact your albums, allowing you to move/delete pics at teh same time and save Miiverse posts to your albums. Update coming later this evening.
- new stamps coming for various titles in the future. These stamps cannot be used freely to post anywhere in Miiverse.

- to check out deals
- Super Mario 3D World uses microphone and touch screen for some portions of the game. Golden Express stage lets you catch a ride on a golden train to collect coins. Captain Toad levels have 5 stars to collect. Speed run levels give you 100 second clock to beat. Mystery houses have green stars to collect as well. Motley Boss Blob is a giant army of clones to defeat. Also includes a top-down shooter level. Another level is based off of Super Mario Kart. Super Luigi Bros. is an unlockable bonus game. Rosalina confirmed as an unlockable character. New Super Luigi U save data on your Wii U auto-unlocks Super Luigi Bros.